Here’s how the 2019-20 Premier League season could be finished: Achievable?

Here’s how the 2019-20 Premier League season could be finished: Achievable?

English Premier League

The Premier League has been suspended at least till the 3rd week of April due to the coronavirus pandemic and right now there’s a big debate as to how the current season will be concluded.

The COVID-19 shows no signs of slowing down in which case it will be really tough to finish the current season since there are still nine to ten games left to be played in the league and the future of a number of clubs still hangs in the balance.

While Liverpool still need two wins in order to be officially crowned the champions, on the other end of the table, teams like Aston Villa and Bournemouth are in the relegation zone but this scenario could change very quickly only after a few positive results.

So in such a delicate situation, it will be really hard for the Premier League to suspend the current season with some many teams’ fates hanging in the balance. And according to Tony Adams, while it will be unfair to hand Liverpool the Premier League title but there’s still a way through which the current season could be wrapped up.

“I don’t think [the season] is completed,” Adams told Sky Sports via Express.

“Hopefully we get going quickly and all will be revealed and that’s what I’m hoping will happen.

“Sometimes it’s futile thinking because we’ve got scenarios in our head.

“I think I’d like to stay in reality and I don’t think you can’t make any decisions today.

“I am not going to speculate ‘if this happens and that happens’ because who knows?

“What we can do today, I don’t think you can give the [Premier League] to Liverpool and I don’t think you can relegate three clubs or get Leeds promoted or West Brom.

“It’s not completed, we’re living in today, we’re just going to have to see what materialises and make educated decisions down the road.

“If they cancel the Euros there’s an element of actually they can finish the Premier League. That makes perfect sense to me, hopefully, that will be another scenario, who knows? We might just start again afresh from next season.”

Will the Premier League season be completed?

While shifting the EURO 2020 to the next summer is being considered as a viable option but we still have to see if UEFA are willing to do that.

If the EURO is postponed then there’s a massive chance that not only the Premier League but all the other leagues can wrap up the remainder of their matches but if this does not happen then there might be a big possibility that the season might be declared null and void – even if things are back on track after the 3rd of April.


UEFA have now decided to push the EURO 2020 by one full year and the tournament will now be held in the summer of 2021. And it looks like they have taken this decision so that the domestic leagues could wrap up the remainder of their matches while they themselves can finish the Champions League as well as the Europa League.

While this decision will surely give a lot of buffer time for the leagues to be wrapped up but for that to happen, the games will have to be resumed quickly. And there’s one report claiming that the FA could finish all their matches behind closed doors once every player is out of quarantine.

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